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Food writer by day, financial journalist by day-job, Kristen “Pasta” Oliveri began Pasta’s Kitchen in June of 2009, after a flurry of coworkers noted her incredible brown-bagged Italian cooking outshone anything the nearby chains had for sale. They urged her to create a Web site showcasing her freelance food and wine articles, celebrating her love for food. With bellyfuls of manicotti and minestrone, Kristen’s new nickname and blog were born.


But the story continues. Recently, the newly-named “Pasta” was diagnosed as being gluten and dairy intolerant. What’s a Manhattan food lover to do? Despair? Hardly. Kristen put down the wheat and picked up the pen, shifting her website, her freelance writing, and her recipe books towards a more reasonable way of eating.


These days, Pasta is focused on eating healthy and awareness, maintaining a diet that steers clear of pre-packaged, gluten-riddled, calorie-laden dishes. Not only is she learning to deal with her allergies, but she’s also experimenting in the kitchen to create meals she can share with friends and family that are delicious and overall healthy. And if you’re wondering why she sticks with the beloved Pasta nickname, she’ll tell you she never had to give up her beloved pasta. She just indulges in rice pasta instead.


Buono appetito!

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