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New Year, New Me: My 2015 Resolutions

While many believe resolutions are pointless, I think it’s the perfect opportunity for a true moment of reflection. I’ve been guilty of making lofty resolutions in the past that are nearly impossible for me to stick to, so this year, I’m all about practicality. Here goes my best shot channeling the ever witty, eternal optimist Bridget Jones…

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Carry more cash. I never have cash on me, except when I’m traveling abroad and it’s simply a bad habit. I can keep track of my day-to-day spending much better if I take out a $100 every week and watch where it goes.

Eat better, eat less. OK, ok. So I write about food, how can I even say this? Let me explain. Eating out is the norm for me and I’m often finding myself stuffed long before I put down my fork. I vow to choose better foods, end late night eating and eliminate bad takeout choices.

More domestic travel. This has already made an appearance on last year’s list, but it needs to stay. I traveled to parts of Canada, New Orleans, Portland, Maine and Lake George, NY in 2014. More of the same in 2015. My domestic travel goal still remains Hawaii.

Hit the Road, Literally. I grew up in New York and never spent much time behind the wheel of a car. I spent some time highway driving this past summer which I found utterly terrifying. More time behind the wheel.

Surround myself with interesting People. I flourish when I’m challenged and intrigued and I thankfully get that high from being around successful people. I want to spend more time with people discussing books, literature, travel, history, politics, etc. Hopefully, this in turn will motivate me to kick more ass!

This list is a work in motion. As things come to me, I’ll be sure to update, add and comment on my 2015 resolutions. I urge you all to do the same.

Here’s to a happy and healthy New Year.

Pasta xx

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