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5 Bites of Ottawa

Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, is a year-round destination that celebrates the colder months with an elaborate Winterlude Festival, three-week long festival reflective of a winter wonderland .

On a recent visit to the city, I spent much time exploring Winterlude 2015 by partaking in activities, including a stroll down the frozen Rideau Canal Skateway. It is famous for providing more than 70 rest stops/concession stands complete with coffee, hot chocolate, and deliciousCanadian beaver tails, a fried dough pastry topped sprinkled with sugar and additional toppings.

For those looking to explore indoor activities, check out the top notch food movement sweeping through Ottawa. There are a variety of places to dine, sip, and savor all the city has to offer. Continue reading the story HERE at The Daily Mail.

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