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Chef Victor Boroda Transforms Hotel Dining in Los Angeles

This creative, well-traveled chef blends sophistication and California cool

When you think of hotel dining, you may think a few things: staid, ordinary, and underwhelming. Chef Victor Boroda, executive chef at Esterél in the Sofitel in Beverly Hills, however, is slowly but surely breaking that convention to offer guests and patrons a most intriguing dining experience.

The young, eager chef took over the post only seven months ago and has already breathed new life into the cuisine being served at the luxury hotel. The concept of the restaurant is Mediterranean, but goes beyond just that to bring a French-style feel to meet a California culture. “My goal is to use the freshest products and to do very little to them,” Boroda told The Daily Meal.

One of the things he loves about California is the access to outstanding produce; it’s why he believes California is poised to become the culinary epicenter for the United States. Read on

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