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Bougie or Budget: Gluten-Free Pizza a Plenty

This summer marks my sixth year of living gluten-free. Over the course of that time, I’ve become much healthier due to my cleaner food choices and my focus on knowing all of the components that are contained within my food. Without boring everyone with the intricacies of my story, all you need to know is that I avoid all wheat, flour, and gluten and focus my diet on inherently healthy ingredients that are in many real foods.

With that being said (and given my Italian heritage), there are certain things I will never give up. And by “certain things,” I namely mean pizza. During my formative years, I waitressed at a pizzeria many a weekend — serving, processing takeout orders, and even bussing tables at Joe and Pat’s pizzeria on Staten Island. For all I know, pizza might even be in my blood, thickened by tomato sauce. What can I say? Read more to find out!

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