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Revolution Sandwich: Where Local Meets Global

Industry veterans look to reinvent the sandwich delivery business

Serge Zborovsky, managing partner, of Revolution Sandwich said that he and his partners had a vision. That vision was to create a special sandwich takeout business run out of an underutilized kitchen in Tribeca as a way of promoting global flavors to a local, New York sandwich concept. “The idea behind Revolution was to create a much needed higher-level delivery experience,” Zborovsky told The Daily Meal. “From the ingredients, to the branding, to the service. We are not just a sandwich shop that also delivers — we are a delivery business.”

He and his partners in collaboration with three talented chefs believed they saw a need in the marketplace to cater high quality sandwiches to the likes of financial institutions, corporations, and those who simply have a craving and a deep love of sandwiches.

By operating out of the M1-5 Lounge space and utilizing their kitchen which is vacant during the day, the company has a much greener footprint — this allows them to reduce their non-essential costs and put much more love into its ingredients and products, said Zborovsky. Continue

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