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Beyond Florence: Finding Fiesole

Azamara is pleased to bring you this guest blog by foodie and travel writer Kristen Oliveri.

I set sail to explore the beautiful regions of Tuscany and Provence for my inaugural Azamara cruise experience. I've had the pleasure of spending time in both regions prior to this trip and was secretly thankful that I didn’t feel obliged to do the touristy checklist activities this time around. Instead, I could focus on behaving a local in a land where I was already partially familiar.

One of our first stops on the itinerary was Florence, a city I have grown to adore. My last visit to Florence was only a few months prior when I was on another assignment writing about the water—and the wine— of the region. Naturally, when I read that the first stop was Firenze, I knew I had to shake up my experience. No Duomo for this seasoned traveler. I wanted to lose myself in the amazing ambiance of this city. Read More...

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