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Taking Beer Trends to the Masses with Mirella Amato

Mirella Amato, founder of Beerology, is one of only 11 people globally to hold the distinction of Master Cicerone, the highest accolade presented in the beer universe and she does so with great pride. Mirella is guided by a deep seeded passion to educate people about beer, how it’s made, how to taste it, pour it and enjoy it. Kristen Oliveri, Swig Contributor, sits down with Mirella to discuss her background, her passions and interesting industry trends—such as the beer cocktail phenomenon—and how those beverages are now catering to non-beer drinkers and giving them exposure to this beautiful brew.

Q: Can you share with us your professional background?

A: I have always been very passionate about beer; specifically local craft beer. I was lucky in that when I started going to pubs, my drinking buddy at the time was into craft beer and imports. My introduction into beer was that it was a multi-faceted beverage that captured so many different moments and moods. It was odd to me that I’d see friends pick one beer and drink it all night. On a personal level, I was on a crusade to get friends to try different beers. At the time it never occurred to me that this could be a job. Most people didn’t even know craft beer existed. Discover more Mirella Amato

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