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‘City of Gold’ Leaves You Hungry, Wanting More

Jonathan Gold of the Los Angeles Times is no ordinary food critic. First, he’s one of the only old-guard journalists who is still spending an inordinate amount of time visiting, reviewing, and analyzing restaurants before he critiques them — even in the ever-changing digital age of journalism. And second, he spends his time in the trenches, devoting himself to finding smaller, authentic ethnic restaurants in Los Angeles that might otherwise be overlooked if it weren’t for him.

In the documentary film City of Gold, distributed by Sundance Selects, Director Laura Gabbert chronicles the life of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Gold using flashback sequences to show to his humble beginnings as a student of music and art, and how he became the journalist who is admired around the world today. Throughout the film, Gold speaks about how his love and admiration of his city is ever-enduring, but this Los Angeles is not the same one that many others know. Therefore, Gold makes for the perfect subject for a documentary film solely due to the deep-seated passion he has cultivated for the city he calls home. Read more

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