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Indonesian Immersion on Azamara Club Cruises

Jump ship and still dine with the cruise line.

Azamara Club Cruises is charting new waters with its exclusive itineraries throughout Asia, Indonesia, and Australia, offering expanded culinary programs and cutting-edge excursions, consistently pushing the bounds of this boutique cruise line.

Many of the ports visited along my most recent journey from Singapore to Bali on the Azamara Quest are new to the company. Most of the destinations have never even allowed cruise ships into the ports before, paving the way for new innovations in the industry.

Michael Pawlus, Director of Strategic Itinerary and Destination Planning for Azamara, is intimately familiar with the company’s due diligence process, where the team decides how to add new itineraries and routes to pre-existing ones, such as the popular European and Caribbean trips. “On a macro level, we take a look at a variety of deployment alternatives and determine the overall profitability of a given period of time,” Pawlus said. “On a micro level, we are constantly looking for new ports of call that we can add to future itineraries. We strive to continually be fresh and innovative with our itineraries.” Read more

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