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Drink Up: Master Distiller Gonzalez Teaches Us a Thing or Two About Tequila & Family

Drink Up is a bi-monthly column created by Swig contributor Kristen Oliveri. In the column, she speaks to the world’s leading mixologists, bartenders, wine makers, beer makers, sippers and taste-testers who provide insights into where you try your next drink and what it should be.

One could say that tequila is in German Gonzalez’s blood. The Mexico City-born master distiller has carried on with his family’s tradition of crafting blue agave tequila for spirit lovers. His father, who created Chinaco, the 100% blue agave tequila, which he later imported to the United States, passed on the family trade to his son. The brand’s name references his great grandfather who just so happened to be the President of Mexico from 1880-1884 and was known as “Chinaco”—meaning warrior in reference to his unwavering leadership throughout the French Mexican War.

After learning the trade from his father and forging forward when he passed, Gonzalez moved to San Antonio, Texas where he launched a new brand known as T1 Tequila Uno that boasts five different varietals of tequila. Swig Contributor Kristen Oliveri sits down with Gonzalez to learn more about his tequila, how he’s building a brand and what’s next on the horizon for him and his business. Read more

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