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Drink Up: Loews’ Chicago Hotel Kicks Off Traveller Bar Initiative

Chicago—the Windy City—has had a stellar reputation for producing some of the best restaurants and bars our great country has to offer. It has also produced extraordinary bartenders, mixologists and innovative cocktail programs that keep raising the standards for the industry. The Loews Hotel in Chicago is no stranger to this movement and has embraced it through out-of-the-box cocktail programming and initiatives to match the growing desire for tantalizing cocktail experiences. Most recently, the Loews brand started a pop-up experience now better known as the Traveller Bar.

To learn more about the mysterious traveling bar, Swig Contributor Kristen Oliveri sat down with Lauren Parton, the beverage program director for the property, to hear more about the concept and how it all began with the Loews Chicago. Read on

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