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Drink Up: Meet the Mastermind Behind the Roundhouse’s Beverage Program

The Roundhouse hotel in charming, historic Beacon, New York has quickly become the talk of the town as the go-to boutique hotel for city-goers seeking respite from the chaotic nature of the Big Apple, as well as a treasured oasis for locals who now flock to this unique property—waterfall included—for curated tasting menus and culinary experiences.

Tim Buzinski, the creative beverage manager for the hotel, joined Chef Terrence Brennan’s team to enhance its overall offering and is now at the helm of their beverage program. Buzinski is the co-founder/proprietor, along with his wife Mei Ying So, of Artisan Wine Shop in Beacon, which was established in 2006. His experience in the beverage community runs deep. After graduating from The Culinary Institute of America with a degree in culinary arts, Buzinski pursued his love of wine, working with both large and small operations in all tiers: retail, importing and distributing.

Today, he is working side by side with Chef Brennan to create food and beverage pairings seemingly made in heaven. Swig Contributor Kristen Oliveri sits down with Buzinski to discuss his background, his cocktail philosophy and how their cocktail program is making its mark at the Roundhouse. Read interview here

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