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Traditional Taiwanese Takes Hold at New York City’s Carma East

This restaurant hits all the right notes.

Ma po tofu is a specialty.

The second outpost of the West Village’s Carma Asian Tapas restaurant recently opened in the East Village on 6th Street in New York City. The urban, artsy, cozy Carma East is a perfect location for a cold night out with friends, splitting a variety of dim sum, small plates and a bevy of alcoholic beverages.

Everything from their casual bar seating to their wall fixtures and paintings, which one most notably claims “Let the lights dim sum,” sets an inviting mood that welcomes patrons to dine and stay. The inventive, yet traditional menu was created by the Executive Chef of Taiwan’s renowned Din Tai Fung, James (Yue Cong) Yang.

Yang’s menu hits all the high notes his traditional Taiwanese dumplings with a twist. At Carma East, you can try inventive dumplings like his foie gras soup dumplings or his sautéed diced fish with black pepper laughing dumplings—a staple on most tables at the restaurant. He also spices things up with his twist on spicy braised pork tacos for those who like a bit of a kick. Chef also includes his three cup chicken dish in which he pays homage to one of the most often cooked dishes in Taiwan. Continue

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