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Drink Up: Boutique Napa Winery Crosby Roamann Spreads the Love this Valentine’s Day

Sean McBride and Juliana McBride didn’t start out in the wine industry, in fact, they were employed in diverse fields far from that business. Sean was a New York City lawyer turned TV industry veteran and Juliana was engaged in book publishing. After transplanting their family, consisting of their twin daughters and their beloved Australian Shepard, Kobe, they moved to Sonoma, California. Their love of wine and family led them to open the boutique winery, Crosby Roamann. The family’s mission is simply to reflect the soul and substance from which they [the grapes] came. Consequently, today, the winemaking duo, located in the Crusher Wine District of Napa is dedicated to creating wonderful, drinkable wines of which they can be proud of. Swig Contributor Kristen Oliveri sits down with them to learn more about their story, as well as to find out what’s on their agenda for this year’s Valentine’s Day. Read More

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