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Drink Up: L’Amico Plays Up Spring with Inventive Cocktail Program

Percy Rodriguez, the Beverage Director of New York City-based L’Amico and the Vine is ready to reveal its spring time beverage creations. This Missouri-native joined legendary Chef and Restaurateur Laurent Tourondel at L’Amico—the Italian-influenced American restaurant—as Beverage Director in 2015 and continues to reside at the helm today.

A veteran of the Batali & Bastianich Hospitality Group, Rodriguez started as a bar-back at Otto Enoteca Pizzeria in 2007. In his current role at L’Amico, Rodriguez incorporates microbrew and craft elements into an accessible, yet diverse wine and beverage program. With offerings that complement Tourondel’s signature wood-fired cooking, Rodriguez strives to demonstrate how unique varietals can be familiarized. He is continually educating diners on the diversity of some of the lesser known Italian regional grapes. Read more

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