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Chef Laurent Tourondel Celebrates Spring with New Menu at New York’s L’Amico

The legendary chef is showcasing some light, delicate flavors.

Famed chef Laurent Tourondel, whose most recent venues include L’Amicoand The Vine, is ready to embark on his latest meu creations for spring time in New York City.

The restaurant collection has unveiled its new seasonal dining and cocktail menus to showcase some delicate, lighter flavors of Italian cuisine that he is known for, given his European background. When speaking with The Daily Meal, Tourondel explained that it was time to lighten up his heavier winter dishes with a lighter touch. “Our burrata on the winter menu incorporated walnuts, leeks and black truffles, which we’ve traded in for spring onions, broccolini, mint and basil to freshen it up a bit and make it more apropos for spring,” he said. Read more

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