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Mere minutes away from the port of Mykonos lies Myconican Kyma—a Myconinan Collection property located in the heart of the enchanting Grecian Island of Mykonos. The intriguing Kyma is set back from the road on a small hilltop, overlooking the iconic Alefkandra windmills, adjacent to its sister properties: the Myconian Korali and Myconia Naia. Today, this family-owned collection of hotels is run by Marios Daktylides, who continues his parents’ tradition of maintaining luxury, five-star boutiques throughout this idyllic island.

The Kyma, which means “wave” in Greek, is one of the latest outposts for this hotel collection. It is elegantly decorated in true Grecian fashion with bright white lights and blue colors throughout the property. Many of the rooms are adorned with their own private pools overlooking the stunning blue water. Continue here

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