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48 Hours in California Wine Country

California Wine Country’s bustling travel, wine, and food industries are welcoming guests with open arms

As we pulled up to the North Block Hotel in Yountville for a long weekend, all was quite serene. My fiancé, who himself is affiliated with the wine business, had never been to California wine country before. While he was extremely excited to visit for the first time, I couldn’t help be concernedthat the area wouldn’t be the same as it was prior to the devastating fires of last year.

It was evening by the time we reached our hotel, and after a long cross-country flight coupled with a two-hour drive, we were welcomed with a warm smile and a delightful gesture at the front desk; we were able to choose our own arrival cocktail. With a glass of Rodney Strong Chardonnayin my hand, and a glass of Averna for Phil, we then ventured to our room. Read on

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