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Two Sisters, One (Gluten-Free) Sojourn in Ireland

Every year, my sister and I take a trip abroad — our annual “sisters’ trip.” We’ve been traveling together since childhood. We make sure to try a place we’ve never been before, to experience new culture, new food, and new sights.

While we have a close relationship, my type-A personality clashes with her — how should I put it nicely? — Bohemian approach to life. This is not the case when we travel. I’m the planner who likes to organize our meals and our days. Erin is a thrill-seeker, willing to push the envelope and try anything new and exciting. I make sure we make don’t miss our flight, and she makes sure we see something worth flying for.

This year, we knew we wanted to travel for something more than just a good time. Last fall, Erin and I lost our cousin Tracy to a very brave battle with cancer. Tracy, being 16 years older than me, was like my big sister. She was only 43 years old. We decided our next sisters’ trip would take us to Ireland, the land of our ancestors, to celebrate our family. My maternal grandmother was born in County Wicklow, but Erin and I had never been. Read on...

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