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Bougie or Budget: Finding Your Inner Yogi

The hustle and bustle of the City that never sleeps can wear on you. I’m in a constant battle with the clock. I’m always late for some meeting, a conference call, the must- attend event of the season, and so on.

The only way I’ve found to successfully combat my New York City lifestyle and all the stresses that come with it is to practice yoga. While some classes like Bikram or intense Vinyasa Flow can be a great aerobic exercise, I see yoga as a chance to unwind and focus on the mind/body connection that many foolishly tend to neglect.

I have been practicing yoga for roughly eight years now, and during that time, I’ve tried studios all over the City. I spent a few years at Sal Anthony’s Movement Salon in Union Square and enjoyed my occasional class with celebrities at Pranna Power Yoga (I once did a very sweaty downward facing dog next to a very fit Alan Cumming). Read on...

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