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Bougie or Budget: In Vino I Trust

Confession: I am a wine-oholic.

Ever since I was a child, my mother, aunts, and uncles alike would sneak me sips of wine at family dinners. It might have only been a stolen sip of a basic Chianti or light and crisp pinot grigio that you’d pick up in a supermarket, but nevertheless, I knew from an early age I was a wine lover.

Since becoming an adult, I’ve sought out every chance I can get to learn more about wine. I know the difference between a Brunello and a Burgundy — but my knowledge is limited, truth be told. But given my sheer eagerness to learn, I find myself at wine tastings all around the City. I wait until my favorite shops and restaurants post updates of their upcoming wine education classes and I consume articles and books on the topic religiously.

Part two of my education is based on consumption. I’m a woman of action, and that means to truly taste, sip, and learn, I must therefore try every wine bar in New York. I have my local haunts to frequent, such as Vanguard in Kips Bay, and the newly-opened enoteca — next to my favorite Italian grocer, Todaro Brothers — when I’m in the mood for something casual and comfortable. (Check out Todaro’s $5 wines by the glass at happy hour; they’re very drinkable!) Read on...

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