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Drink Up: Palmetto Brewing Company Tests the Taste Trends with Collin Clark

Drink Up is a bi-monthly column created by Swig contributor Kristen Oliveri. In the column, she speaks to the world’s leading mixologists, bartenders, wine makers, beer makers, sippers and taste-testers who provide insights into where you try your next drink and what it should be.

Swig Contributor Kristen Oliveri sits down with Collin Clark, the manager of marketing and brand awareness and education for the Palmetto Brewing Company. Clark, who holds the distinction of a certified Cicerone, left his job in the tech world to pursue his passion of beer. Today, he focuses on increasing the brand awareness of Palmetto’s brews and continues the educational component of what he does to teach guests the intriguing elements of beer, tasting notes and how best to pair beer with food.

Q: How did you get involved with Palmetto Brewing Company?

A: I had been working in the IT field for a number of years and while I did enjoy it, I always missed the lack of social interaction. The stereotype of the IT worker is true – they don’t get out much. It was around the same time that Palmetto started the Friday night concerts that I learned of Palmetto’s future expansion and I decided to seize the opportunity for a career change. I began volunteering to work at those Friday night concerts and the rest is history, as they say. Discover more

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