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Drink Up: Replica’s Changing the Landscape of the Wine Industry One Bottle at a Time

Replica wine is turning the wine industry on its head with its groundbreaking value proposition. The company, which uses proprietary patent-pending technology, identifies key flavors and characteristics of well known, often-consumed “American” wines and, in turn, created near-identical knockoffs, hence the name of their brand “Replica.”

Ari Walker, President of Integrated Beverage Group, is at the helm of this unique effort. Walker has been a business leader for more than 20 years. He also brings extended experience in all aspects of the alcoholic beverage industry to Integrated Beverage Group, including production, compliance, quality management, sales leadership and marketing.

Swig contributor Kristen Oliveri sat down with the former owner of Baroness Wines, which grew to be the largest independent alcohol beverage distributor in the state of Colorado, to talk about what’s cooking at Replica. Continue

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